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National Library of Korea houses 26 books registered under 2 national treasures, 14 books under 8 treasures (13 books and 1 collection), 8 books under 5 tangible cultural assets (Seoul), and 14 books under registered cultural assets. Users can check out Donguibogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine), designated as a national treasure, Haedongyeo-jido, designated as a treasure, and Daehan Maeil Sinbo, considered a key resource that sheds light on the national movement of Korea, and delve into the national history and cultural heritage of Korea.

Sipchilsachan Gogeumtongyo Vol.17 (十七史纂古今通要. 卷17)

Donguibogam: Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine (東醫寶鑑)

SeokBoSangJeol vol.6,9,13,19 (釋譜詳節)

Dongin-Ji-Moon-Saryuk Vol.10~12(東人之文四六)

EonhaeTaesanjibyo (諺解胎産集要)

Haedongyeo-jido (海東輿地圖)

Cheonggu-do (靑邱圖)

Mokjang-jido(Old Map of Ranches) (牧場地圖)

Diplomatic relations between the Russian Empire and Joseon (朝俄通商條約)

The Treaty Concluded between Joseon and Britain (朝英通商條約原本)

Treaty of Commerce between Joseon and China (大韓國大淸國通商條約)

Daehan Maeil Shinbo : The Korea Daily News (大韓每日新報)