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There are nearly 90,000 maps and related materials that are part of National Library of Korea’s collection. In the Map Archive, users can view old maps and valuable antique maps including the original and digitized copies of Cheonggudo (a map of Korea made in 1834) and Haedongyeo-jido. The antiquarian maps of Korea include illustrated maps as well as abstract world maps and symbol-based woodblock maps. They are considered comprehensive works that combine science, art and thought that represent the times. There are also plans to present other map materials that were produced across the times, in addition to the old maps.

Chunha-jido (天下之圖)

DaedongYeojiJeondo (大東輿地全圖)

Joseonpalyeokdo (朝鮮八域圖)

Haejwajeond (海左全圖)