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This section introduces old documents exchanged between issuers and recipients to achieve a certain objective. It presents old documents from the Joseon royal archive as well as old documents exchanged between the state and officials including state or royal documents such as official messages, credentials and payroll slips issued to government officials. There are also plans to present private documents exchanged among individuals including land, slave and house registry certificates.

Wandangdaeryunsuchuk (阮堂對聯書軸)

Dongchaekjeongsu (東策精粹)

Gwa-ik Wonjong Gongsin-Nokgwon (佐翼原從功臣錄券)

Bongcheon Gomyung (奉天誥命)

Imperial order from Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Yongzheng (康熙雍正兩帝下賜敎勅)