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This category consists of old books that are of high value and modern and older books that are of rarity. National Library of Korea has been making an intensive effort to purchase and collect old books that are considered cultural assets as well as old and rare literature, as a part of the efforts to expand that national literary archive. The old books are introduced along with images and explanations as a way to promote the general understanding of antiquarian books.

JinaSasin JoseonGukwang alhyun-jido(支那使臣朝鮮國王謁見之圖)

Dongyeopyengo (東輿便攷 )

Lee Chungmugong Nanjung Ilgit

Gyelim changhwa collections (鷄林唱和集)


The Jikji Shimche Yocheol

Seokssiwonryu Vol.1~4 (釋氏源流. 卷1~4)

Samjaehwachop (三齋畵帖)

Gyuhapchongseo (閨閤叢書)

Dongguk Isangguk Jeonjip (東國李相國全集)

Sinjeung Donggukyeojiseungram(新增東國輿地勝覽. 1-25)


Haedongjeogookgi (海東諸國紀)

Uisang-Do (儀象圖)

GanghwabuGungjeondo (江華府宮殿圖)

Album of King Yeongjo`s autograph (英祖御筆帖)

GanghwabuGungjeondo (江華府宮殿圖)

Album of King Jungjong`s autograph (正宗大王御筆簡帖)