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While competing with the Western powers, Joseon had not been able to survive on its own and fell into colony. Martyrs shed a lot of blood in the process. The Independence movement was developed at home and abroad in many areas after losing the country. However, the political situation was given to us by external factors and the Independent country was divided in the Cold War. In the Cold War, Korea suffered the tragedy of fighting against each other. Nowadays, it belongs to the US-led international order and is serving in the international war against the terrorism.

  • Uprising of Korea protesters
  • Battle of Gongju
  • Yun bolgil euigeo
  • Gwangbokgun
  • The Japanese army war draft
  • The Korean War
  • Vietnam Jeonjaeng
  • Battle of Hwangtohyun
  • Battle of Woogeumchi (牛金峙戰鬪)
  • Battle of Gyeonbokgung
  • Battle of Pyeongyang
  • Rise up of Ahn Joonggeun
  • Patriotic martyr Kim Sangok
  • Battle of Jecheonsung
  • Suppression operation of Namhan
  • Battle of Bocheonbo
  • Battle of Daejeonjaryung
  • The occupation of Seoul
  • Battle of Nakdonggang
  • The Inchon Landing Operation
  • Ohjakgyo military operations