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During the course of founding process, Joeseon was pursuing stability and was smoothly incorporated into the international order where Ming Dynaty was at the center stage. In the early part of Joeson Dynasty, it deployed an aggressive military campaign to counter the threats and challenges from neighboring countries such as Yeo Jin and Yae. However, while settling for sustained peace, it faced Imjin War. In the midst of Ming and Qing replacement which was caused by the influence of the disturbance, Joseon suffered two major wars (2 Horans in Korean). However, even in such tragic conditions, Joeson still survived. When the western countries advanced into Joseon, it took the isolation policy and tried to confront them during the 19th century.

  • Jo yeon's Yeojinjeongbeol:10th of Taejong
  • Lee jongmu's Sseusimajeongbeol:1st of Sejong
  • The 2nd Pajeogangjeongbeol: 19th of Sejong
  • Yun gwan's Yeojinjeongbeol
  • Gyeongjinbukjeong: 6th of Sejo
  • Jeonghaeseojeong: 13th of Sejo
  • Yeojinjeongbeol:22th of Seongjong
  • Sampowaeran: 5th of Jungjong(三浦倭亂)
  • Saryangjinwaebyeon: 39th of Jungjong(蛇梁鎭倭變)
  • Eulmyowaebyeon: 10th of Myeongjong(乙卯倭變)
  • Lee il's Yeojinjeongbeol: 20th of Seonjo
  • Battle of Dongraeseong(東萊城戰鬪)
  • Battle of Tangeumdae(彈琴臺戰鬪)
  • Okpohaejeon(玉浦海戰)
  • Hansandodaecheop(閑山島大捷)
  • Busanpohaejeon(釜山浦海戰)
  • Battle of Geumsan
  • Bukgwandacheop(北關大捷)
  • The 1st battle of Jinjuseong(晉州城戰鬪)
  • Battle of Pyeongyangseong
  • Haengjudacheop
  • The 2nd battle of Jinjuseong(晉州城戰鬪)
  • Battle of Jeongamjin(鼎巖津 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Byeokjegwan
  • Chilcheonryanghaejeon(漆川梁海戰)
  • Myeongryanghaejeon(鳴梁海戰)
  • Battle of Namwon(南原戰鬪)
  • Battle of Ulsanseong(蔚山戰鬪)
  • Noryanghaejeon(露粱海戰)
  • Lee suil's Yeojinjeongbeol:33th of Seonjo
  • Battle of Sareuhu
  • Battle of Yonggolsanseong
  • Battle of Anjuseong
  • Battle of Dongseonryeong
  • Battle of Nanhansanseong
  • Battle of Ssangryeong
  • Battle of Ganghwabu
  • Battle of Gwanggyosan
  • Naseonjeongbeol
  • Battle of Jeongjoksan
  • Battle of Gwangseongbo
  • Conquering YeoJin of Yoon Pilsang in 10th year of King Sungjong
  • King Jungjong-Coup
  • King Injo-Coup and Lee Gwal's resistance movement
  • Lee Injwa's resistance movement
  • Hong gyeongrae's resistance movement
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