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Since the founding, Goryeo Dynasty was constantly harassed by the invasion of the northern imperial dynasties. Joeson fought three wars with Gu Ran. In the ensuing war, even if Joeson made a peace agreement with Gum, it had to face a long period of war with Mongolia. But the conquest of Yeo Jin by Yun, Kwan indicates that Goryeo has not always taken a defensive position. As Yuan Dynasty declined, Goryeo’s King, Gongmin, strived to get away from the intervention of Yuan Dynasty and to win back the lost territory. However, due to the invasion of Honggunjeok and Japanese pirates, the dynasty fell into chaos. Eventually, Goryeo was overthrown by Lee, Sung Gae.

  • Georan first-trespasser and Seo-hee's diplomacy
  • Georan second-trespasser
  • Gang gamchan's guijudacheop(龜州大捷)
  • Yun gwan's Yeojinjeongbeol
  • Kimc huiryeo and Battle of Gaepyeong(開平戰鬪)
  • Battle of Gangdongseong(江東城 戰鬪)
  • Battle of guijuseong(龜州城 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Cheoinseong and Kim yunhu(處仁城 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Chungju(忠州 戰鬪)
  • Daemonghangjeon of Sambyeolcho
  • Goryeo and Yuan Dynasty Allies of Japanese expedition
  • King Gongmin's a campaign to restore the independent and subjugate the Dongnyeongbu
  • Battle of Gaegyeong(開京 戰鬪)
  • Subjugate the Yo-dong
  • Bakui's Damadojeongbeol
  • The 2nd infiltration of Georan
  • Myochung's campaign to transfer of the capital to Seogyeong
  • Jo Wichong's resistance movement
  • Mang I and Mang Soi's resistance movement
  • Kim Sami and Hyo Shim's resistance movement