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The ancient war story includes the confrontation between three kingdoms comprising Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla. First of all, Silla and Tang formed allied forces in order to attack other two kingdoms. The combats taken place in the course of these wars had been really intense and fierce. Eventually, allied forces toppled two kingdoms and Silla unified three kingdoms successfully. The story of an ancient war contains all the aforementioned stories. In addition, there were also battles that happened in the course of action to oust Dang and Baekjae revival forces by Silla. Moreover, there were major battles taken place in the process of overthrowing the unified Silla and establishing Balahe.

  • Battle of Pyeongyangseong: Goguryeo and Baekje((平壤城 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Gwansanseong(管山城戰鬪)
  • Battle of Ansiseong(安市城戰鬪)
  • Battle of Hwangsanbeol(黃山伐戰鬪)
  • Battle of Baekganggu(白江口 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Pyeongyangseong: Goguryeo and Dang(平壤城 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Seokmun:Silla and Dang
  • Battle of Maechoseong:Silla and Dang
  • Battle of Gibeolpo:Silla and Dang
  • Battle of Cheonmunryeong(天門嶺 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Deungju:Balhae and Dang
  • Battle of Dalbeol(達伐 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Illeecheon(一利川 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Amakseong : Baekje and Silla
  • Battle of Unju : Wang Gun and Gyeon Hwon(運州 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Wangheomseong (王險城 戰鬪)
  • Battle of GonNgsan(公山 戰鬪)
  • Battle of Gochang(古昌 戰鬪)