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The Korea Development Institute (KDI) has been issuing modularization reports for the purpose of disseminating Korea’s expertise and experience in achieving unprecedented economic development among developing countries. A collection of economic policies of Korea has been compiled in order to shed light on the major economic policies that contributed to the economic development of Korea, based on KDI’s modularization reports. Also, the information provided in this section will give a chance for the users to check the functions of and the countermeasures that have been necessitated by the major economic policies.

Energy policy in the 1950s

Energy policy in the 1960s ~ 1970s

Energy policy in the 1970s end ~ 1980s

Energy policy in the 1980s ~ 1990s

Energy policy in the 1990s

Energy Technology policy in the 2000s

Capital introduction in 1962~1978

External opening Policy during the 1979~1997

Experience of Korea under the GATT system

Training plan of ICT R&D Policy

Policy of Raising ICT manpower

Contribution to the economic growth of The Economic Planning Board

Plutocracy policy for Regulation of Economic concentration

Readjustment of arable land

Construction of High-speed railway

Airport Policy and Construction of Infrastructure

Improvement process of Training and Education system of government officials

Cultivation and Utilization of Traffic DB

KDIs role as National research and development institutes

Parasite extermination business

Advancement of Agriculture & Livestock product quarantine policy

Success factor and Process of promotion of Farm mechanization business

Contribution of Agricultural cooperative for development of Farming villages

Improvement of Public transportation systems

Policy effort for Clean country from drug

System maintenance of Private investment business

Change of Public restroom in Korea

Food revolution by White revolution

Effort for fosterage of Venture business starts

Result of Unification type rice's development

Improvement of health and medical treatment by Public health center

System for achieve legalization of Real estate Transaction

Role of Private school

Tactic for Export promotion by creating industrial complex

Introduction of Insurance remuneration

Training system for Leaders of New Village Movement

Productivity Movement and establishment of Productivity Center

Adult Literacy Education

Realization of e-Government System in the world

Small scale water supply and drainage system

A process of development of Water Infrastructure

System for unified administration of Water resources

Establishment of The Trust Guarantee Funds

Changes of Nanjido

Volume-rate Garbage Disposal System

Occupation ability development for Woman

Management of Foreign capital in time for overcome financial crisis

Policy for development of Nuclear industry

Monthly report conference of Economic trend and export promotion conference with enlarged membership

  • Reeducation program for Health care manpower(Minnesota project)

    Introducing performancebased system in Government personnel operation

    Result of organization of procurement administration system

    Enactment background of minor enterprise basic law and Main substance each season

    Cultivation of InTELigent Transport System

    Changes of The Vocational official system

    Vocational Training System

    Elementary Compulsory Education

    Innovation of Immigration inspection Policy

    Role of Fair Trade Policy in development of Korean Economy

    FTA in Korea

    WTO System in Korea

    A process of development of National Statistics System in Korea

    A process of development of form Government Bond Market in Korea

    Farmland reform in Korea

    Protection System on Cultural Heritage in Korea

    Changes of New town development in Korea

    Uruguay Round negotiations in Korea

    Process of delivery of electrical power in Korea

    A process of development of InTELectual Pro-perty Right's system and policy in Korea

    Changing history of Quality management in Korea

    Introduction of Single-Parent Family Support Policy and Extension of Welfare case

    Management of Environment charges Policy

    Cultivation of Korea land information system

    Creating industrial complex and Industrial location policy in the 1960s

    Creating industrial complex and Industrial location policy in the 1970s

    Creating industrial complex and Industrial location policy in the 1980s

    Industrial structure acceleration and Industrial complex in the 1990s

    Competition increase of Industrial complex and Diversification of industrial location in the 2000s

    Training top-level human resources by Establishment of KAIST

    Establishment and management of KIST

    Establishment and management of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

    Establishment and management of Daedeok Science Complex

    Construction of low-income housing(1960s)

    Low-income housing's construction and supply dictated by demand(2000s)

    Effort for Cultivation of First aid system

    About Anti-money laundering law

    Establishment of Daedeok Science Complex and Extension of government funded research center

  • Core access business of the 1st amending plan of the 4th plan

    The 2nd amending plan of The 4th National modernization plan(2011~2020)

    Preparation for mass marketing of house and housing site

    Mass marketing of house and Foreign exchange crisis

    Changes of policy about public enterprise and public institution in Korea since Independence