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The Korea Development Institute (KDI) published the “60-Year History of the Korean Economy” in 2010 for a comprehensive review of the economic development achieved in Korea following liberation from the Japanese colonial rule. This section was created for a general overview of the post-liberation economic development process, based on the major contents of the “60-Year History of the Korean Economy.”

Export promotion policy

Liberalization of banking

8ㆍ3 Emergency economic measures

Time for propulsion for Economic stabilization

Privatization of commercial bank

The real-name property and finace ownership

Overcome Policy of Foreign currency crisis's Result

Competition Policy and Plutocracy Policy

Employment by industry structure and Activity rate

Changing of Financial policy operation

A process of development of Local finance system and regionalization of finance

Preliminary Feasibility Study and Review and evaluation of Investment business

Changing of Tax system

Fair trade policy

Implementation of Agrarian reform

Promotion of Import substitution industry

Promotion of Export-oriented light industry

Promotion of heavy chemical industry

The Green revolution

Agricultural finance and Agricultural cooperative

The rapid growth period of Fishing industry

Leap of Construction Industry

Leap of High-Tech Industry

Effort for technical development of Enterprise

Growth of Semiconductor industry

Globalization by trade

New growth engines(1) Promotion of New technology industry

New growth engines(2) Promotion of Component & Material

New growth engines(3) Promotion of Information service

Economic development and Energy industry

Climate change and Energy industry

Entrepreneurship in a formative period of industrial foundation

Cultivation of foreign-oriented economy by government

Economic opening policy

Economic advancing in the global age

Economic opening policy

Systematization of Export supporting system and Export Incentive

Regulation of Import and Import liberalization Policy

GATT Multilateral negotiations

UR negotiations and the launch of the WTO

Free Trade Agreement(FTA)

Change of Foreign direct investment Policy

Change of Foreign direct investment Policy

Change of Overseas direct investment Policy

Cooperation of both parties

Local cooperation

Development cooperation

Evolvement of Opening of service

Opening of Financial market

Opening of Finance and Financial crisis

The 1st National modernization plan

The 2nd National modernization plan

The 3rd National modernization plan

The 4th National modernization plan

Modification of The 4th National modernization plan

New Village Movement

Construction of 2million houses

Development of New town

Construction of multipurpose dam

Construction of Distribution infrastructure

Construction of Highway

Construction of High-speed railway

Construction of Subway

Development of Harbor

Opening of the Incheon airport

Reclamation project

Forest conservation and Green business

Limited Development District

Sustainable Development

Pioneering work on Marine Territory

An advancement of Economy and Changes of population

A process of development on Population policy by the time

Population Concentration into the Capital Region and Industrialization

An advancement of Economy and Health and medical treatment

Public health and medical Policy

Human resources of Health and Medical treatment

An advancement of Health promotion business

An advancement of Economy and Social welfare

National pension system

Health insurance system

National basic livelihood institution

An advancement of Economy and Elementary and Secondary Education

An advancement of Economy and College Education

An advancement of Economy and Lifelong Education

An advancement of Economy and Working hours

Introduction and advancement of Social insurance programs

An advancement of Economy and Labor relation

An advancement of Female human resources training

Expand labor market participation of Female

An advancement of Legal and Supporting System for Female economic activity

Wage differential

Minimum wage system