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The expansion of Western powers shook the traditional East Asian societies from the roots. It led to the downfall of Zheng and the sudden rise of Imperial Japan. Korean inTELectuals who were at the crossroads of country’s existence were struggling to find a way to go between traditional philosophy and modern thought. During that time, history was mainly recognized as a mirror of the past and future and a lot of people strived to find those answers through the study of History. They were selected as figures who made modern and contemporary era shine and left their own mark in this development.

An Junggeun

Jeong Gyo/Choe

Kim Gu

Hwang Uidon

Jang Dobin

An Hwak

Gwon Deokgyu

Sin Chaeho

Bak Eunsik

Moon Ilpyeong

An Jaehong

Baek Namun

Son Jintae

Jeon Seokdam

Hong Iseop

Kim Okkyun(金玉均)

Lee Gwangsu(李光洙)

Yoo Giljoon(兪吉濬)

An Gukseon(安國善)

Lee Eunsook(李恩淑)

Hong Myeonghee(洪命憙)

Jang Jiyeon(張志淵)

Han Yongwoon(韓龍雲)

Son Byunghee(孫秉熙)

Park Joongbin(朴重彬)

Na Hyeseok(羅蕙錫)

Kang Juryong

Yoo Gwansun(柳寬順)

Kim Yoojung(金裕貞)

Lee Sang(李箱)

Sim Hoon(沈熏)

Joo Sikyung(周時經)

Choi Hyunbae(崔鉉培)