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The role of Buddhism was important in forming the ancient three Kingdoms and became the ideological basis for mobilizing the ancient nations around the King. In the midst of three Kingdom’s confrontation, the various Buddhist philosophy had been imported and this also led many monks to study in China. After the Three Kingdoms were unified by Silla and diplomatic relations got stabilized, these countries became bustling with lively exchanges. Even though many came back to Silla with such successful backgrounds from China, they were frustrated in many cases at the limitations of their predestined class status. People who made the ancient times shine were born in this historical movement.

Choe Chiwon

Won Hyo

Eui Sang

Do Seon

U Reuk

Jang Bogo

King Gwanggaeto the great(廣開土大王)


King Muryeong(武寧王)

King Jinheung(眞興王)


King Moon(文王)